Vilniaus spauda - senas tradicijas ir didelė patirtį įgijusios spaustuvės Vilspa naujasis vardas

Vilniaus spauda is a new name of the renowed printing house Vilspa retaining traditions with experience

Paslaugos / Services

Web offset, sheet offset, hard cover books, perfect, sewing, wire binding, hot-foil blocking, blind embossing, laminating, varnishing

Spaustuvės VILSPA ištakos siekia XVIII a. pabaigą. Tuo metu čia buvo spausdinamas Talmudas, leidiniai lietuvių, lenkų, italų, prancūzų, anglų, hebrajų, jidiš ir kitomis kalbomis. Naujausias spaustuvės gyvavimo laikotarpis prasidėjo 1995 metais, kai buvo persikelta į naujas patalpas, įdiegtos pažangios spaudinių gamybos technologijos, sutelkti kvalifikuoti poligrafijos specialistai. Pagrindinė AB VILSPA misija - teikti poligrafijos sprendimus Lietuvos ir užsienio klientams panaudojant modernias technologijas bei kvalifikuotus žmogiškuosius resursus.

Šiuo metu spaustuvė akcinė bendrovė VILSPA yra viena iš stambiausių poligrafijos paslaugų teikėjų ne tik Lietuvoje, bet ir Baltijos valstybėse. Kas mėnesį pagaminama apie 50 pavadinimų periodinių leidinių bei 30 pavadinimų knygų, kurių bendras tiražas viršija 1 mln. egz. Bendrovėje dirba 200 darbuotojų. Mūsų užsakovais yra ne tik Lietuvos, bet ir kitų valstybių - Rusijos, Latvijos, Ukrainos, Baltarusijos - leidėjai, reklaminės produkcijos gamintojai, kitos organizacijos, naudojančios spausdintą medžiagą savo veikloje.

Tips for choosing the right printing company

Choosing the right printing company is a complex process. This involves an assessment of your objectives and of the printing services options. In order to avoid mistakes you need to know what aspects you should analyze. Connect them to your business needs and you will find out which one is the most cost-effective for your business.

What are the tips that help you make the right decision?

Various printing companies available in Vilnius are waiting for you to compare them. However, the first step is not to source for these companies but to set up what you are looking for. Think about the type of services you expect this company to perform for you. Some need simple printing while others need complex posters. The volume of the services required by your business is also of great interest because the size of the printing company indicates what they are able to deliver. Complete this step and have a break with a beautiful escort from Vilnius who will show you the surroundings.

After setting what you need, it is time to compare the services available in the area. Cost assessment is probably the most important criteria in any procurement decision. Try to narrow your search by considering only those companies which sell bulk services. For high volumes you get a discount that allows you to save some budget for your dinner with a lovely escort. She will inspire and support you to make the best business choices. However, selecting the most cost effective services does not always mean contracting the cheapest ones. Make sure that you get the cheapest service at a high quality.

Which is the right printing company?

Another mandatory step in making your decision is to assess the quality of the services. Ask the escort you have fun with if she has used their services or check the reviews posted for each company. Clients are the best source of assessing the quality of a product or service in your case. To make this step more enjoyable, invite an appealing escort from https://www.eros.com/ to help you out. Eliminate the companies that received negative reviews to narrow even more your research. This step will bring you even closer to choosing the right business partner for your needs.

The last tip consists in choosing a local or online company. If you need simple printing you can visit the printing company and get the work done immediately but the complex work should be ordered online. The last option will save you more time for wonderful escorts, these fascinating women who seduce men with their charming look.

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Going back to your mission, consider all these tips and you will make the right choice for your business. The printing company that meets all your expectations will deliver the best services for a reasonable price.